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20 Free fonts pack - FORUM | BOX | MEDIAFIRE
Check out our website for more updates!

Font credits: Absinthe | Tetraa | Oh mai mai | Carton | Weston | Lavandería | Haymaker | Manteka | Silverfake | Corki | Telefono | Black&white | Kaori | Nougatine | Valentina | Metropolis | Prosto | Drop | Lorena | Pavo Royal
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  • contains 36 textures for graphic psd.
  • these textures are NOT mine.
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our hair is perfect


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PSD 021 by breakpsd.

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psd #299 → da

A requested psd for American Horror Story: Coven. *Contains vibrance. Brightness/Contrast may need adjusting depending on the scene. Do not steal or claim as your own. Like or reblog if you download.

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Halloween tutorial master post.

This post is purely dedicated to help you all learn how to make Halloween edit or any other manipulation edits. If these tutorials get deleted or the link stops working then I won’t be able to do anything about it, I’m sorry. I hope these help you with your editing!

HORROR: Zombie tutorialVampire tutorial,Creepy eyes,Terminator tutorial and Peeling face

FANTASY: Dramatic lighting,Statue tutorial,Levitation tutorial,Dispersion Manipulation and Evil angel.

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All Hail Julia  -  Code  -  Haymaker  -  Sail   -  Zombie Checklist  - Badaboom  - Andriko  -  Berbel Serif   

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16 Thin/Romantic fonts;

JournalBrain FlowerMathildeWonderful PhonographHalo HandletterSimplesnailsSilent ReactionEasy RiderPopular InviteMossyHaikus ScriptAracneSecond LyricsRags to RichesMa SexyHeina’s Hurry.

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mydraco texture pack #5

  • Contains 21 textures
  • More of my textures here
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